Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy

Having been qualified for a few years and successfully running a therapy business I finally decided to sign up to doing a Masters in Vet Physio last year.  I believe that you have to continue developing to be a great therapist. It will also mean that I can add new skills to my existing business which will give me a unique approach to therapy as I will have many 'tools in the box'.  This will include laser therapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and much more. My aim is to set up a therapy clinic that will include all therapy disciplines. 

I was a little worried about studying at Masters level but I am thoroughly enjoying it. I gained a distinction (the highest grade) for the latest assignment on applied gait analysis which I am over the moon about. I am particularly interested in gait analysis and as many of my clients know, I ususally come armed with a camera and video camera during therapy sessions. I think it is an important record of how the animal changes with treatment and it has allowed me to understand and link what I see with what I feel with my hands. This is important in determining what the issues are. It is a great feeling to be rewarded for years of analysing the muscular and postural inbalances and the effect on gait.

The next areas of research involves cervical (neck bones) instability in horses and dogs and the repair of bone and cartilage.  

I'll let you know how I get on as the course progresses.