What I do


 I am a qualified veterinary manual therapist based in West Sussex, UK, with more than 10 years experience working as an animal therapist. I use an integrated approach using Osteopathic techniques, massage, stress point therapy, stretching & rehabilitation. 

I trained and graduated from the European School of Animal Osteopathy and am now a lecturer at the college. I have also qualified  in sports massage which gives me more tools in the box when it comes to selecting the right approach for each animal.

Osteopathy is a recognized method of diagnosis and treatment to help overcome and prevent musculoskeletal problems. These can manifest as pain or immobility - anywhere in the body! The aim is to restore the body back to natural balance, as far as possible. Osteopathy is used to find the underlying cause of any issues to help reduce the reoccurrence of problems. This may be manual therapy or advice regarding lifestyle management such as diet, sport training, or exercise.

Sessions include soft manual techniques such as massage or joint mobilisation which can help to ease pain, swelling and muscle spasm which in turn will help with joint mobility. In some cases manipulation may be required to restore full function of a joint.



I treat all breeds and ages whether they are professional, athletes or just pets. Regular treatment of agility dogs may make all the difference to the outcome of their performance! I work with other professionals to ensure the best results for your animal. 

The Law

It is a legal requirement by any animal therapist to seek permission from the veterinary surgeon that the animal is registered with prior to any treatment. I usually contact your vet directly and this gives them the opportunity to update me regarding the dogs veterinary history & general health.

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